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I am passionate about helping women grow in their faith while they grow their freedom-based, online businesses!

Hello lovely! I'm Veronica.

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When I entered the world of online business, one message screamed at me louder than all the others.


And if I’m honest, I took the bait. I jumped in with both feet and started doing it all. I started a blog, worked on a podcast, went crazy growing an email list, hosted webinars and video trainings, ran Facebook ads…

I watched every webinar, downloaded every lead magnet and attended every video training I could get my hands on because I truly believed that the more I did, the more successful I’d be.

But despite growing a business and bringing in an income, I didn’t feel successful. I just felt busy.

What if building your business didn't have to be overwhelming?

So I went on a journey...

Are you ready to finally leave overwhelm behind and build the business on your heart?

I was so overwhelmed with trying to keep all of the balls in the air. I was tired of working my nights away while trying to be a present wife and mom during the day. I was discouraged because I felt building the business I’d dreamt of wasn’t possible.

But yet…

The visionary in me continued to dream of a day when:

✔️ I could work part time time hours while making a full-time impact
✔️ I felt like the work I was doing really MATTERED, rather than just being a means to making an income

✔️ My business was another avenue to boldly talk about Jesus and help others to grow in Him

✔️ I could stop living in the rat race we call “busy” and was able to run a business on my own terms (READ: in a few hours a week while keeping my family at the forefront of it all)

... a journey to figure out if what I was hoping for was even possible. Through a failed business idea, a grueling pregnancy and bed rest that forced me to completely restructure, and a lot of time in the word, I finally found it. I found the path to a simplified business that is a joy to run.

Today, I teach other Christian women how to simplify their businesses and grow them in a way that glorifies God.

Here's what I've learned: In a world where busyness is worn as a badge of honour I want you to know that BUSY IS OVERRATED.

My three little blessings (my kiddos!)

Teaching women how to grow profitable online businesses

My incredible husband, Tom

Growing in my faith in Jesus. He is EVERYTHING to me.

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


I get to help Christian women grow businesses online without compromising what they believe


Pivoted from marketing to coaching 


Became a marketer helping bloggers grow online


Had my daughter and realized I didn’t want to go back to work


Started my first sales job (and fell in love with sales!)


Led a team for the first time as a camp director


Started my first business at age 12 tutoring grade school students


Wrote my first business plan at age 7 for a lemonade stand

My Timeline

where I've been

tell me more!

branson, MO

5. To Visit:

canadian teams... and only during the olympics (LOL)

4. To Cheer For:

bengal spice tea

3. To Drink:

my bible

2. To Read:

anything marvel!

1. To Watch: 

My Favorite Things

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the scale for his glory podcast!

10. Podcast


9. Holiday:

At home!

8. Place to Be:

gospel and jazz

7. To Listen to:


6. To Eat:

Did someone say more favorites!?


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building a Storybrand

profit first

expert secrets

What's a must-have book on your shelf?

They are all on my shelf, but this one has seriously changed my life!

profit first

My favorite business book is...

pop / soda



What's your drink of choice?

I love me a good cup of Bengal Spice tea!


My drink of choice is...


turks and caicos


Where would you like to vacay to?

Seriously, any island with lots of beaches will do it for me!

turks and caicos, baby!

My favorite vacay spot is...

I’m a business coach, systems and marketing strategist and business cheerleader. I help Christian women to grow online businesses without compromising their faith or their families, because everything we do should be for the glory of God and should benefit our families.

I live in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and best friend, Tom and my three sweet babies. If you peeked into my life right now, you’d either find me listening to podcasts while I work, having a dance party with my daughter or hanging out with my hubby eating snacks with way too much sugar. 

Hey friend! I'm Veronica!

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